Sorry for the Confusion


I have successfully merged both blogs into one blog now.  All my content will now be found (






On my other Word Press account (, My Title Page is Jesus, Love, Mercy & Me-His Grace is enough.

Originally, I had thought about leaving Word Press and trying out other website creator sites that would give me more freedom in designing my layout and such, but after several attempts at other sites, I have determined that Word Press works the best for me.  Now the one thing I haven’t quite figured out yet is how to merge my two accounts into one seamless site.

Such as it is, you will see an Archive box at the bottom of the post for this new page that you are on now ( and you will also see blog post links in the bottom right hand corner from Jesus, Love, Mercy  & Me.

Although the Customizer and Editor options are fairly flawless to use, my brain has a difficult time processing some of the information.  As I learn how to do more on this site, I will work on merging the two accounts into one.

I would really like to thank all of you that have followed my blog on gr8mom65 site since 2014 and I look forward to making new friends here as well.

Jesus Loves You! Blessings to you today!






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