My baby boy

moving day

My baby boy is definitely not a baby anymore. He’s 6’4″, stocky and almost 20. But, if you are a parent, more specifically a mom, than you understand~he will always be my baby.

He moved out last weekend, into his very first apartment with his cousin and cousin’s fiancee. Now, it did not appear he would have much to take, until the time came to load the moving van and take it away.

I am happy for him that he was able to do this and even happier that he is still close enough to come by and visit.  He’s already warned me that he will be coming here to do his laundry; personally I think it’s an excuse to see me and raid our fridge, but I’ll take it.

He has taught me so much about love and giving of yourself and being there in times of need.  And through a lesson, many Christmases ago, God allowed me to teach him about faith and what it looks like.

He was about 9 or 10 and we were getting ready to put up the artificial tree, when lo and behold, the plastic tree stand snapped and one of the legs broke.  He was devastated. Asking me things like, “now what will we do?””we have to have a tree, mom” and knowing I didn’t have enough money to go buy another tree or a tree stand.

I  told him, we could pray about it. He looked at me and said, what good will that do?

I explained that if you have faith and you believe, with God anything is possible. I asked him , “do you believe that God can help us fix this stand and it will hold the tree with all the decorations and ornaments on it?” and he said, yeah I guess. Once again, I questioned him, “do you really believe God can do it or are you just saying that?”  He said I believe.

So, I got my trusty duct tape and started working on the tree stand leg and then found a board to secure the tree stand to, with more duct tape.(saying my own silent prayers). And then Michael and I prayed and asked God to make the tree stand work, to hold the tree with all the ornaments and lights and decorations so we could enjoy the beauty of the tree and celebrate Jesus and His birth.

God is so good.  That tree withstood a curious kitten climbing the tree and batting at ornaments and the plastic stand just didn’t last for one season, but four.  And just something as simple as a broken piece of plastic, held together with duct tape and prayers, taught my son about having faith and trusting God.

You see God will use any situation to grow us. It doesn’t have to be anything monumental, just be willing to let him in and you will see miracles happen right before your eyes.

So, even though, I miss our daily good morning hugs and I love you mom goodnight talks, I know Michael will be okay, because he knows God is with him and for him and I am just a call or text away.

May you be able to see God working in your life today. He loves you. Blessings and peace,